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Reasons to Always Respond to Online Restaurant Reviews

Published By: Jeff Darmound  -  Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Running a restaurant comes down to more than simply picking the right café chairs and having a menu full of great items. Now that a large part of attracting patrons to a restaurant is done entirely on the Internet this is truer than ever. Online reviews are one area of this online presence that has an immense impact. Restaurateurs may think it's enough to strive for great testimonials, but as it turns out, numerous benefits arise when they actually respond to these reviews—whether they be positive or negative.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Review websites tend to be at the top of the list when it comes to search engines. This is because people tend to believe what other consumers take the time to say. When ranking a page one of the most important factors that search engines look for is when it was last updated. A restaurateur can ensure that Google recognizes the consistent up-to-date nature of the page by taking the time to respond to every review on a site.

Provides a Chance to Fix Things

People will occasionally leave negative reviews due to things such as their food being cold or feeling as though their café chair was uncomfortable. The very fact that they took the time to do so indicates they may simply never occupy the restaurant booths of a particular eatery again. In the food and beverage industry is completely unacceptable to needlessly lose just one customer. If a response and offer to make things right are possible, then that is exactly when he restaurateurs should do.

Other Patrons More Likely to Review

Let's say someone shows up to a party and there is no one talking, that person is likely to stay silent too. If people are chatting it up around the bar tables, though, he's more likely to speak up. When patrons show up on a review page and see a bunch of one-sided reviews—or even worse, nothing at all—they might just move on. If they see that actual productive dialogues are taking place, though, they will probably join in.

Shows Patrons that Management Actually Cares

When someone sees a restaurateur reply to a positive review that person knows that the owner cares enough to acknowledge when people praise them. And, if they notice a thoughtful response to a negative review they will realize management is ready to make things right. Sometimes, showing concern is what it takes to fill up bistro and café chairs.

Increases Customer Loyalty

Building an actual relationship with patrons is the best way to build customer loyalty. You can build the relationship with patrons by refusing to acknowledge the thought they put into leaving a review. However, customers will recognize their opinion matters and that they are worth noticing if they receive a response from the restaurant owner. This is the foundation of good customer relationships, and it's a strong method for creating that much-needed loyalty restaurateurs strive for.

Online reviews can make or break a restaurant's chances of having packed café chairs. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, every restaurateur needs to take the time to respond to them. At the end of the day, it will definitely pay off.

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