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How a Restaurant Can Increase their ROI on Social Media

Published By: Jeff Darmound  -  Tuesday, November 7, 2017

No matter the marketing methods being used by the restaurant, their main goal remains to increase the return on investment (ROI). This means getting more patrons in the restaurant be and making promotional expenditures worth the cost. Of course, methods for increasing ROI vary depending on which platform is utilized. When it comes to social media marketing, restaurants can make their investments worthwhile with the following practices.

Get Engagement by Engaging

People tend to expect a social experience when they occupy restaurant dining tables. After all, if they want to sit silently they would've simply grabbed a sandwich. Since social media's explosion of popularity, many people have taken their sociability to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

When someone takes the time to post to a restaurant's social pages, it's important for the restaurateur to take a moment to reply. Otherwise, potential patrons seeking engagement are just going to go on with their day and not give it a second thought. Take some time to respond, and you will increase the likelihood of that user walking through the doors.

Balance Out Content

People don't often sit at restaurant booths with the intention of indulging in only one food item. Patrons are looking to have baked potatoes with their steaks or fries with their burgers. Just like in the dining room, patrons don't want to be constantly inundated with the same thing on social media pages.

Restaurateurs should obviously post about promotions or the restaurant in general, but this cannot be all they post about. If this is all that is being posted people will feel like they're being spammed which will result in people on following the page. Balance out interesting and value-oriented content with promotions.

Focus Efforts Where They Work

Not every social media platform is being used by everyone. Whether it's Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram, certain people are more likely to go to certain websites. Take this into account when rationing out time spent on social media marketing.

For instance, it's important to put serious time into Snapchat when looking to fill bar tables with Millennials. Eateries looking to appeal to a wider array of demographics need to spend time on Facebook. Instagram is an overall popular social site when it comes to restaurants.

Having a presence on all social sites is ideal, and restaurateurs with a dedicated social media manager can often pull this off well. But if resources are limited, the best way to fill up the rest from the is to focus on specific sites based on the target audience.

Realize There's No Perfect Answer

Some social media marketing strategies have proven time and again to increase ROI for restaurants. However, remembering that they won't work for every eatery is important. If something isn't working, tweak it or try something else. If you're using something outside of the box, and it works, continue to use it. Some trial and error here and there can do great things for restaurateur actively paying attention.

Just like every marketing platform, social media marketing can sometimes prove to be a crapshoot when it comes to return on investment. However, it isn't necessary to pull back resources after a few failed attempts. For those culinary entrepreneurs who want to have the restaurant booths packed, it's important to pay attention to ROI on social media.

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