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How Curbside Pickup Benefits a Restaurant

Published By: Jeff Darmound  -  Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Car seats rarely come to mind when someone thinks of restaurant furniture, but thanks to the increasing availability of curbside pickup options, this thought is no longer a strange one. Curbside pickup options are increasing in popularity, and restaurants that focus on keeping up with current trends are now beginning to offer the service. However, here are some benefits of curbside restaurant pickup service for those who are still on the fence about it.

Customers Are Tired of Fast Food

One current trend has been emerging quickly is consumers ditching fast food. There are more and more people spending time eating meals at home, meaning that they are either cooking themselves some food or they decided to pick up some burgers from a fast food joint. They pretty much just want to avoid sitting at restaurant booths but still don't feel like cooking.

Over time, though, people simply soured on fast food. There isn't much variety, and it's pretty and healthy. However, thanks to curbside pickup submergence people are now able to avoid cooking at home while still enjoying a nice meal. While it might not fill up the restaurant furniture, it does provide a much-needed service while still increasing revenue.

Brings in New Customers

Curbside pickup has been a staple of big chain restaurants such as Chili's and Applebee's for some time. As is the case with anything in this world, though, people will eventually grow tired of what these eateries offer. However, they are probably still going to seek out the convenience of curbside pickup.

Curbside pickup can bring in customers who may never have ventured to do so otherwise. A restaurant can find themselves being noticed alongside the big-name franchises in their area if they focus local marketing on the curbside service. People are eventually going to tire of Chili's or restaurants that have their patrons waiting for pickup orders at bar tables.

At this moment, the curbside service will really pay off.

Allows Customer Info and Analytics to Be Gathered

Other than freeing up restaurant furniture on busy Friday nights, one of the greatest benefits of curbside pickup is the ability to gather customer information sales analytics. However, in order to do this, a restaurateur needs to make sure that take online orders. Fortunately, this is something that various third-party companies and apps can help with.

Online ordering at an eatery makes it really easy for restaurants and get patron information. After all, orders will need a name and phone number attached to it at the very least, there are lots of customers who want the receipt sent directly to the email. This opens the floodgates when it comes to marketing opportunities. Additionally, taking orders online will help managers to track sales and use the information to improve service and quality.

It can be tough to expand services at a restaurant, but in an industry where things evolved by the moment, it has become more of a necessity than an option. Luckily, curbside pickup is one expansion that will really end up paying off. While a patron may not come in for their first order, they might just occupy the restaurant furniture later if they're impressed.

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