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How Restaurants Can Increase Online Food Orders

Published By: Jeff Darmound  -  Friday, October 27, 2017

Until relatively recently, eateries throughout the country focused solely on filling up their restaurant booths. After all, more people in the restaurant was the only way to make more money. However, this is no longer the case. Countless restaurants now do quite well by providing pickup orders and online ordering. For restaurateurs who have expanded into this area, here are a few tips for increasing online orders.

Make Big Announcements Via Social Media

When a restaurateur first begins to offer online ordering, they need to make a big deal of it on social media. Sure, having restaurant furniture fully occupied is great but it's important to remember that many people will place an order with a restaurant only due to the fact that there is an online option.

These are the people who have decided that they don't want to eat out, but they are likely to gravitate towards placing an order with one of their favorite restaurants if that restaurant has announced over social media that they are now offering online ordering. Even a restaurateur who has been offering online ordering for a while needs to put out the occasional reminders on social media.

Offer First-Time Discounts

Getting someone to try out a new service for the first time is tough. After all, if someone really enjoys their first visit to an eatery, getting them back in the restaurant booths shouldn't be a difficult task. This holds true for online ordering as well, so restaurateurs should make an effort to offer discounts for those who place their first order online. The discount is going to influence their decision, and they will also be likely to share the news of the discount with friends and family.

Influence Patrons into Getting Full Meals

Increasing online food orders isn't just about getting more people to place orders. Restaurateurs are also looking to increase check averages, and doing this requires that they remind customers that they can have a full meal. If they order a steak entrée, for instance, a little popup or reminder could show and offer an appetizer, drink or dessert. Oftentimes, people get only a single item simply because they're not reminded of their other options.

Get the Word Out Through Local Marketing

It's crazy to think just how many people have probably type in their city's name along with the term "food delivery" or "online ordering." Unfortunately, the result is all too often a national chain pizza store or a third party delivery service that pops up first. Revenue is no longer fully linked with packed restaurant booths and bar tables so culinary entrepreneurs should focus on getting their eateries noticed through local marketing strategies.

Accomplishing this feat should include content marketing pieces that use the keyword “online ordering" and focus on the local area. Restaurateurs should also claim and update local sites, such as Yelp and their Google My Business, with their latest information and the fact that they offer online ordering. Using keywords related to "delivery" is important for an eatery that also delivers.

Online ordering has certainly moved an eatery's success away from the restaurant booth and into the technological world. Of course, there is nothing more satisfying than having droves of patrons show up on a Friday night, but utilizing some great online ordering strategies will also help snag consumers who would rather eat at home.

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